garden for his dog

You love your little doggie, you even bought a house with a garden just for him.

As a full member of your small family, he deserves to enjoy the garden in complete safety. How do you arrange your garden for your dog? Nothing complicated: a watering place, a shelter, a litter box, etc.

Putting a water point: to hydrate and wash your dog

After several hours of playing in the garden, your pet will need to hydrate. He should have a water point available so that he can drink at any time, either indoors or outdoors. Place a bowl in the shade on the terrace, for example, and change the water every day. You can also think of a fixed water point such as an outdoor shower with a tap to fill it easily or wash your dog without having to dirty the bathroom.

Prepare a resting area: for shelter and rest

Your dog should have a place of his own to rest when he is tired or during your absences if he stays outside. Find a place for him to shelter from bad weather (rain, sun, etc.), such as under the pergola on your terrace for example. Place a basket with cushions to make it comfortable.

Create a manure square: to keep your garden clean

If you don't want your garden to turn into a minefield within the first week, creating a corner for its faeces will be inevitable. Imagine walking barefoot around your swimming pool or going out on your terrace to enjoy the sunshine and walk on the little morning present of your adorable doggie... Disgusting isn't it? A small patch of earth or sand will do just fine, but it's up to you to teach him how to relieve himself!

Define a play area: a space to entertain yourself

An adapted play area will allow you to save your plants and your lawn. Dogs love to scratch in the dirt and roll around in the lawn. So be far-sighted and create a sandbox for your dog's enjoyment. Remember to delimit this space with borders and to put his outdoor toys in it to keep him occupied during your absences.

Fencing off your garden: to guarantee its safety

It's instinctive, your doggie will want to discover the environment around him. So to prevent him from wandering to the neighbours, make sure your property is well fenced. Depending on your dog's breed, he may sneak under a fence or jump over a fence if he is not high enough.

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